Asia's Most
Unfortunate Traveler


This racoon has had enough of Sharlene

Raccoon goes rogue

"... I once visited a raccoon café with my friends in Bangkok. Everything was going fine and we all got a chance to pat the adorable raccoons.

What could go wrong?

Out of the blue, the raccoon I was patting decided enough was enough. It went completely rogue and scratched me right over my face and neck! Safe to say that I never saw raccoons the same way ever again."


Sharlene safe on shore

Stomach Woes

"And my stomach is never well-behaved when I’m traveling. NEVER. But I love to eat, so when I went to India, I really went all out to gorge on all the different types of food. Then I got real unlucky – because I got a terrible case of stomach flu whilst I was still there! I have a feeling it was some contaminated food, and it was not a comfortable trip at all. In another, completely unrelated situation, I was seasick for one whole hour while whale watching in Iceland. Trust me, it was not pretty."


Sharlene and her mum then and now

Crushing misfortunate – literally

"My mum and I were traveling in a tour bus when it crashed into a car, and then a truck at a highway tollgate in Kawasaki, Japan! While we just received cuts on our chins, our Japanese tour guide was taken for a real ride. The impact sent her crashing through the windscreen of our tour bus and landing on the back of the truck. Miraculously, she sustained only minor cuts and had 4 stitches on her head. Imagine that terrifying sight for the rest of us though. I was super shook."

Well, we have great news for Sharlene. With a whole lot of amazing benefits like free translation services and even cashless medical visits, SOMPO’s not just going to keep her covered, but she’s going to enjoy herself all through her adventures in Japan.

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