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Your travel experience is not just a one-time thing: it can change you both physically and psychologically. Having little time or money is not a valid excuse because you can fly for cheap very easily. But we often overlook the safety net that we should have to compensate for any incident that will arise while we are in a foreign land. You deserve a comfortable travel without worrying about anything!

Going overseas? Travelling has never been this easy! We make the most out of your travel goals without a single – worry. We care for your travel. Have a safe and cashless trip with us!

Features and Coverage

CONVENIENCE With paperless environment, you can view your policy and trip information anytime anywhere on your mobile.
CASHLESS SERVICE You do not have to settle the bill with the hospital. Sompo TravelJoy will take care of your hospitalization & cover emergency treatment.
HASSLE-FREE CLAIMS SETTLEMENT We guarantee to settle every claim fairly and quickly so you can get back on track as quickly as possible with hassle-free service. File your claim online!
MOST TRUSTED PARTNER Proven quality standard enhanced over a century in Japan
3 EASY STEPS Buy Travel Insurance with only 3 steps to be covered

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