Khairul Izzat Zaini

this incident happened to me on 27th of July 2019. i was on my way back to my country Brunei Darussalam from China. i bought a flight ticket from Lanzhou, China to Miri sarawak, malaysia. since there's no direct flight from Lanzhou to Miri so i bought 2 ticket flights from Lanzhou to Kuala Lumpur and from Kuala Lumpur to Miri. my flight from lanzhou to kuala lumpur took about 5 hours and i have to stay about an hour at KLIA2 before taking my next flight from Kuala lumpur to Miri. when i was about to go through the security gate. i was checked by an airasia staff, she weight my handcarry bag and i was shocked because she told me my handcarry bag was overweight 7.8KG. i didn't know how can this be possible because before i took my flight from Lanzhou,china to Kuala Lumpur, the staff at china weight my handcarry bag it was around 4kg-5kg. The airasia lady was very rude and told me that it's not her problem and told me to check in my handcarry bag and pay for it, but i tried to explain to her it's not possible my handcarry can be overweight but in the end i got no choice so i had to check-in my handcarry into the cargo so i went to the counter but they cannot accept any luggage anymore because the flight was about to takeoff in 20-30 minutes. i rushed to the security gate and meet the airasia lady about my case. then she had to let me through. i ran all the way to the boarding gate but unfortunately they close the gate already. i felt disappointed because my flight was supposed to takeoff at 7.20am but i was in front of the gate at 6.40am and they already closed the gate. The airasia staff wont let me in and told me to buy another flight ticket. it was unlucky day for me because i had to spend money for another flight ticket that i missed. the price ticket cost me triple than the ticket flight that i missed. after i bought a new ticket i have to wait 4 hours for my flight which will takeoff at 11am. even though this incident happened to me at least i safely arrived to my home country Brunei Darussalam after staying more than 3 months in china for my job training. And now i'm still staying in china to finished off my job training before going back to my country by march 2020 next year. thank you for reading my story and wish me luck :)