WE GOT ROBBED IN OUR SLEEP. [ PLEASE HELP ME SHARE THIS AND READ OUR POLICE REPORT, IT'S TRANSLATED FROM THAI. SHARE THIS WITH YOUR FRIENDS TO NEVER LET THEM EXPERIENCE WHAT WE DID] Yes, it couldve been worst Now let me tell you, if you check my history and records, I'm a true and honest person. At this hotel, we got robbed on 14 December 2019, at approximately 0500 - 0540. 1) The security for this place consists of ONE guard, that petrols approximately 50 villas. On the tragic day our house was broken into (UNIT 4E) the guard happens to be ON LEAVE as his wife fell SICK. 2) There's two entrances to this hotel, both had CCTV, none of which "captured" the people that broke into our house. Either that or it did capture that face of these robbers and the villa is not willing to show it to us. 3) Our house consists of 4 rooms, none of which had individual locks on them. That's how the robbers managed to casually walk into our ROOMS, take ALL our BAGS, WALLETS AND PHONES and LEFT scott free. We had no idea what happened, we still dont, to this date, if it was random or we were targetted and by whom We've made the relevant police reports, lost our passports, incurred extra losses for a 3 days 2 night trip. It was my proposal and birthday trip. Please THINK twice before booking this villa. [or at least till they install SAFE locks and provide a SAFE for you to put your belongings overnight. Can you imagine if the thief was armed and one of us actually woke up? what could've happened? FYI the police here (honestly) doesnt help much. We couldve been kidnapped, murdered, raped, whatever. Thankfully(?) they were only in it for the money. All our rooms were pitch black, we weren't drunk that night. We are wondering how did they know where all our stuff was, where we put our bags, where we were charging our phones. The only reason we made it back was cus our friend, woke up as she felt someone unfamiliar beside her. She saw the side view of this thief. The thief did not RUN, she simply turned around and WALKED out of the house. My friend thought she saw a ghost and thought nothing about it.