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Hakata Daruma is one of the most famous old ramen shops in Hakata. They started their business in 1963 and have been popular among local people for a long time but are now becoming more and more popular throughout the country.

Hakata Daruma only uses select pork, seafood, and other ingredients, which are certified as being of a high quality. They spend a lot of time and effort in cooking their ingredients, so it’s no wonder how delicious their ramen is! Their tonkotsu soup is very rich and has a strong flavor, with melting chashu (pork slices) and plenty of scallions. If you want to try the hardcore Hakata ramen, this is the place to go!

(Source: Japan Travel by NAVITIME)

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Opening hours:
11:30 AM – 3:15 PM

6:30 – 11:45 PM

Hakata Daruma, 1 Chome-8-25 Watanabedori, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka, Japan

Phone Number:
+81 92-761-1958


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  • Travis

    Do visit this ramen restaurant, they serve Fukuoka style tonkotsu ramen with pork that literally melts in your mouth.