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Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport) (HND), Hanedakuko, Ota City, Tokyo, Japan

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Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts about Haneda Airport

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  • Gilbon

    Well I've never actually been to Japan. But my amazing girlfriend shares her stories of how beautiful and unique Japan is, and wishes to bring me to Japan someday. Japan, as far as I'm concerned, is rich in culture, hence why its diversity serves as an attraction to a lot of people, including me. Not only that, it feeds the souls of those who hunger for excitement and adventure. It provides someone with an idea that whatever Japan has in store, it's worth having to experience it first hand. What must people do if they happen to experience Japan? • First and foremost, Respect. A country like Japan holds its rich cultural diversity, practices and heritage far different from other places around the world, like its local food and traditions. It may seem odd for someone that doesn't know about these things that are actually happening or is present in Japan. The feeling of alienation, should you have to experience it, doesn't excuse you from saying remarks that may sound offensive to the community such as Japan itself. The concept of familiarity on something that you know might be different for them, likewise. Either way, as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. • Second, talk more to the locals, whenever you visit a country you're unfamiliar with, socializing is one factor that can help you in trying to find yourself in a new setting, this can boost your expectations and ideas of what Japan has to offer. More so, you'll meet new friends along the way, this can make your trip more exciting and unforgettable. • Third, be more willing and young in spirit, with the amount of positivity you have, who knows how much fun you'll have trying to experience a country like Japan. Remember, familiarizing yourself is a must before familiarizing what's around you. In this way, you'll be open to everything you can find in a place you're traveling to. It helps, because as tiresome as you can be when you're traveling, when you have a heart that yearns for excitement and adventure, what's there to stop you? Japan in itself is a huge place, and it requires someone that's not just limited in what they do for you to be able to visit all of its places. • Fourth, of course, have fun- take it as an opportunity for you to experience a place that has long preserved itself with a hint of modernization and improvement, an adventurous place, a worthy one, that is, Japan.