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Mt. Takao is probably the easiest option if you want to go mountain hiking in Tokyo. Many elementary schools send their students there for day trips, which reflects that it’s a very easy hike, even for children! The easiest course only takes about two hours to get to the top. If you are still worried it might be too tough, you can ride a cable car to the middle of the mountain. At the base of the mountain is a popular tourist area with various shops where you can enjoy a variety of food and even a soak in the hot springs! Mt. Takao is only an hour and a half away from central Tokyo.

(Source: Japan Travel by NAVITIME)

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Mount Takao, Takaomachi, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts about Mount Takao

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  • Vanessa

    A nice and easy hike for families and older people. Do visit especially when you wanna have a nice getaway from the busy streets of Tokyo.

  • Jess

    Bring hand sanitizer or soap with you since some bathrooms won’t have any!

  • Yang

    Use Tabelog to plan your meals, anything above 3.5 will never disappoint