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Shibuya Station, 2 Chome-24 Shibuya, Shibuya City, Tokyo, Japan


Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts about Shibuya Station

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  • Fred Ravino

    Do's -convenience stores are best choice for delicious food. -eat an onigiri -stay on the side of the doors of the train so people can come out. -let people go out the train before entering. -check the signs carefully -be respectful with the culture -ask politely -"Sumimasen" means "Excuse me" you will use this word the most. -buy an IC card. Its more convenient around train stations and buying stuff around. -whole japan JrPass are very useful if your touring japan. -wait for the green light before crossing the not jaywalk.. =be mindful of your surrounding.. -organize your trash before throwing it un the trash can. -bow before leaving the temple. -when entering a temple go wash your hands, pour water on your left hand then you right hand then use your left hand to put water on your mouth then spit the water on the spitting area then wash the handle with your right hand. -stay on your place if your eating/drinking. Dont walk around while eating thats disrespectful. -Go very early to tourist spot if you want to take photos without being bothered by other tourist. Around 5am-7am are the time people are less on the tourist spot. -Sit properly on trains. -Give your seat to elderly people. -check the sign on the escalator one is fir standing and one is for walking.. -if your lost ask for the guards around the station they will help you. -Rent a Wifi Pocket with unlimited data..this is your best choice not to get lost in japan. -google map is the key..this is your best friend going around japan.. -Adjust the time your going to the train station about 5 to 10 mins on google maps. So you wont hurry catching the train. -Bring a comfy shoes for walking.. Youll experience a lot of walking in japan.. -Preapare your self to climb stairs.. There are alot of stairs.. -Smile Have Fun.. -Enjoy your vacation..