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Tokyo, Japan

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts about Tokyo

Have a good travel tip to share? Share a "Do" or "Don’t" about Japan with us, and you could stand a chance to win flight tickets for 2 to Japan and a pair of passes to Universal Studios Japan!

  • cy

    Who says you can't have Michelin star food while on a budget? Take advantage of the cheaper lunch sets over expensive dinners — you still get the same quality at a discounted price! Weekdays are usually the best for scoring such deals, while weekends tend to be a lot more expensive...I'd stick to home-cooked or conbini food instead.

  • Helen

    In Japan, in Tokyo when you go up the escalator, stand on the right and walk up on the left. In Kansai region, it's the other way around. In most stations there are tourist centers to help you with your travel of you get lost.

  • Wilson

    Definitely go to shinjuku and check out beefst. It's a soup less noodles with beef with Japanese mayo and onions. It's amazing, abura soup less soba noodles was started in Tokyo. It's my go to in Japan. Also definitely check out the convenience stores for egg sandwiches and all the goodies, they have.

  • Tim

    Visit Odaiba! There are museums, malls, attractions, and tons of food!

  • Hizanaga

    Do slurp your noodles!

  • Johnny

    Try all the street food! Look for restaurants down the beaten path. slurp ramen! And, look up! Being that Tokyo is a very dense city, the buildings go up so the signs go up along the building as well.

  • Ajmal ok

    Carry a cup with you so that you can drink anything without plastic usage!