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As with many of the Setouchi islands though, visitors who are looking for artistic people and projects on Teshima island, are encouraged to look beyond the official Trienalle roster of artists. A handful of locals also offer a range of interesting and creative experiences to those who take the time to find them. An excellent example of this is the Usaginingen Theatre – a married couple who put on audio-visual performances for the public four days a week inside a disused carpentry warehouse.

The Hirai’s, also known as Usaginingen Theatre, are originally from Yokohama and Shikoku. After living for some years in Berlin and Brighton, where they created their unique sound and visual performance they decided to move back to Japan, specifically Teshima, to raise a family in a quiet, rural setting surrounded by nature and the ocean.
Their performances are half written and half improvised – they consist of live music which spans several genres and a stream of abstract visuals that are projected across a large backdrop. They have taken their performances to various countries around the world, entertaining audiences in France, Switzerland, Germany and Iceland.
When they aren’t performing the Hirai family are dedicated to a life of gardening and organic farming. Stumbling across and interacting with locals like this make any trip to Teshima all the more interesting and unforgettable.

(Source: Japan Travel by NAVITIME)

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Japan, 〒761-4662 Kagawa, Shozu District, 小豆郡 土庄町豊島唐櫃1285

Phone Number:
+81 879-62-9141


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