A germaphobe’s guide to hygienic travel

Traveling light but require your all-important travel items? Clue in on the below list of clever travel essentials that will ensure you stay clean and germ-free as much as possible amidst this Covid-19 situation. Whether you’re on an overseas assignment for work or short haul flights, one of our time-honed secrets to packing for a stress-free and germ-free vacation depends on these handy travel items:

  1. Alcohol wipes/Hand Sanitiser:

If you’re constantly on-the-move, keeping alcohol wipes on hand is the perfect way to stay safe and refresh on your travels. While liquid applications are typically alcohol heavy and possibly not safe for the skin, and spray sanitisers dissipate before hitting a surface, single-use, scented formulated, hand sanitiser wipes that kills 99.9% of germs is the ultimate travel wipe for everyone on-the-go. 

  1. Phone Sanitiser

Grabbing one of the best phone sanitiser is the perfect solution to every travels. From the moment you realise your smartphone is host to 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats, it would be difficult to shake that particular little viral fact out of your head. Pick a powerful phone sanitiser that is capable of purging 99.9% of those awful little bugs from your devices quickly and efficiently to ensure maximum coverage and cleaning.

  1. Portable Air Purifier

Seasoned travelers often know what to look for when it comes to choosing the right accommodation. However, good hotel air quality is not always one of them. Clean as hotel rooms may seem, they often have poor air quality due to the carpets, cleaning chemicals, and shared HVAC system that they use. However, to protect yourself from harmful air pollutants while traveling, investing in a portable air purifier would be a good move.

  1. Portable UV Sanitising Travel Wand

Ensuring a 99% sterilizing rate, a portable UV Sanitising Travel Wand is easy to use and lightweight. Thanks to the common handheld design and its weight, you can comfortably employ it to sanitize a variety of areas and even take it with you when traveling. A reliable Travel Wand would be one that comes with a USB charger and automatic power shut off function to be proven of quality and efficiency.

  1. Travel Blanket

Whether you’re traveling to a cold country or just heading for outdoor travelling activities such as camping, music festivals, picnic, or even backpacking, a cosy and ultralight travel blanket might just be the thing you need. Doubling up as an airplane blanket, pick one that boasts an ergonomic design and large enough to tuck the fabric under your legs to secure it – basically hug you, sealing off the outside world and providing ample, cosy insulation.

Think ahead and plan for unforeseen situations

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